Goal 2016: Measure Yourself In Smiles

Welcome to my blog! Firstly thank you for taking the time to drop by and have a little look around. I hope it gives not only some insight into the thoughts of a more than ordinary musical theatre student, but also some information on health, well-being, fitness and happiness!

And maybe the odd drug-store beauty review ( if I find some spare change shoved down the back of my sofa somewhere that is) STUDENT LIFE… yay! When I’m not singing and dancing, I’m either at the cinema or reading a good book! So keep an eye open for some thoughts on those too!

Everyone has to start somewhere right?


Now, I would like to say I could provide you with tonnes of recipes, healthy and some not so much, although to be truthfully honest… I wouldn’t expect much just yet. I’m the girl who got a 3rd degree burn from frying an egg.

All in good time.